Gesamtpaket Audiowaves

The complete package

All Audiowaves together!!!

Included are:

Audiowaves Ebook
  • 3 x Audiowaves stress reduction
  • 2 x Audiowaves deep relaxation
  • 3 x Audiowaves exam anxiety
  • 2 x Audiowaves ADHS & Hyperactivity
  • an the top...
  • the motivation & power session

with a total playing time of 6 hours !!!

Just relax… The ANTI-STRESS with MOTIVATION & POWER pure…

The package is well suited for therapists who want to use this music in their sessions.

Or simply for private use for the whole family.

Gesamtpaket Audiowaves
  • Pure motivation & energy
  • be able to escape everyday life
  • Relief due to falling pressure
  • the carousel of thoughts stops
  • just get some rest
  • physical rest phase
  • be able to sleep better
Entspannen mit Audiowaves

Music and sound affects many areas of the brain and has an undeniable effect on the body. Audiowaves in particular get you out of everyday life quickly and effectively.

Listen to Audiowaves and relax, achieve a state of increased calm and reduce your fears, stress or anger.

SAMPLE HEARING with headphones of the

11 AUDIOWAVES with a playing time of over 6 hours!!!

Very easy to use:

Gesamtpaket Audiowaves
  • simply listen with your headphones
  • hear at a comfortable volume
  • fast effect
  • prefer to listen lying down
  • with over 6 hours playing time
Ebook Audiowaves

You get to the offer

Now instead

only !!!

In your download:

Gesamtpaket Audiowaves
  • Your 11 Audiowaves immediately per download
  • with over 6 hours total playing time
  • The ebook with important information and background knowledge
Ebook Audiowaves