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The blog contains a lot of information about brain waves and their effects. Especially about stress.

What are brain waves?

What can I use them for?

How does it work?

And much more…

Brainwaves Produkte

Brainwave music has become an integral part of alternative therapy. For far too long we have completely ignored the most important organ in our body. The brain.

We now consider stress to be the most normal thing in the world and wonder why we get sick. Digestive problems, disturbances in the cardiovascular system, sleep problems up to burnout or hyperactivity.

The radio frequencies are increasing more and more. Our brain absorbs all this, even if we are not aware of it. How is this supposed to result in a normal EEG frequency spectrum in the long run?

Brainwaves are able to strengthen the frequencies in the EEG that have become unbalanced. That is what they are there for.

At the same time they are able to train the brain for certain abilities. The best example might be the ability to recover, patience or rest.

Only this brings my performance and joy back into my life. And everyone wants to be happy.