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How do Audiowaves work?

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Audiowaves für deine Freizeit

There are many stress effects on the body. And we always think – we wouldn’t have time to do anything about it. But it is much easier than most people think.

Here I present you a method that works with the most modern Brainwave technology and includes complete programs.

The effects of stress and physical symptoms

Who doesn’t know that?

Day after day we have stress and are urgently looking for a way out of the situation.
Have you already tried everything? And most of the time you have more stress than before…

I have a tip for you:

Have you ever tried brainwave music? Also called brainwaves. Or do you know the special reason why alpha wave music is so important in music?

Sounds like technical jargon. I know. Sure, success comes first, but for me it was always important to know: How does it work and why is my health better then? Then why should I suddenly be healthy or have less stress? Questions over questions. And many things are simply too complicated to explain. I want to change that. With my ebook.

Audiowaves Ebook

You can get this information and much more in my ebook. Everything worth knowing and a summary of the brainwaves used. This is what these frequencies are generally called.

Fred Feuerstein explains in the ebook what stress is and what metronomes have to do with it. :-)))

Understand what it’s about in a simple, nice and funny way.

And here you can listen in for a moment. So put on your headphones, adjust the volume to a comfortable level and enjoy the video…

Music is the universal language of mankind

For thousands of years we humans have known that music has the power to heal.

Native Americans have used music and song as a means of treatment and protection against disease.

In an article published in 2009 by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), Dr. Assad Meymandi writes:

Aristotle knew that the power of music could heal the sick.

“Since ancient times, music has been known for its therapeutic value. Greek doctors used flutes, lyres and zithers to heal their patients. They used vibrations to aid digestion, treat mental disorders and stimulate sleep. Aristotle (373-323 B.C.) wrote in his famous book De Anima that flute music could arouse strong emotions and purify the soul. The ancient Egyptians describe musical incantations for the healing of the sick.

Today we are beginning to discover that we too can use music to regenerate and prevent disease.

A study by the British Journal of Advanced Nursing has produced some impressive results:

Chronic pain and other painful conditions have been reduced by up to 21% and depression by up to 25%.

Increasingly, music is also being used in hospitals to relieve post-operative pain, lower blood pressure and strengthen immunity.

BrainWaves that change your life


Even NASA is researching in this direction...

Let us take the example of 528 Hz. 528 Hz is everywhere around us and affects us every day.

Frequencies can also harmonize with DNA and plants, like a charge of energy, so that they grow more fertile and better.

According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a pioneer in the search for the “lost” Solfeggio frequencies, 528 Hz oscillate in the heart of everything that exists in the universe, including the sun, pyramids, circles, squares, rainbows, and snowflakes.

You can take advantage of that. More topics and demo versions can be found here on this page.

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