Audiowave Prüfungsangst

exam nerves

Uncertain? Nervousness? Tachycardia? Dizziness? Or even diarrhoea?

The music with the latest BrainWave technology

Here you will find:

Abends vor dem Schlafengehen Audiowaves hören
  • Confident appearance
  • better self-esteem
  • Liberated talk also in front of groups
  • no more trembling
  • Sweating is a thing of the past
  • Quiet heartbeat
  • Suitable for children and adults
Freude durch Audiowaves

They brew just listen to the music ...

You will get the best and fastest results if you listen to the Audiowave against examination anxiety once a day 2 weeks before the exam. ONLY with headphones.

At the same time you should listen to the attached audio during learning for better focus and concentration.

In combination with both audio waves you will achieve the best possible result.

The decisive factor for your success is that both brain hemispheres receive different stimulation. On the day of the exam itself, it is sufficient to listen to the audio wave through the headphones only 1 to 5 minutes before the exam.

Your brain then remembers the condition and can then “produce” it on its own.

Your brain learns this state and then reacts much faster to listening to the music. So you don’t have to keep to the 2 week period again and again. Only a few days or even minutes of listening are enough.

If you listen to these audio waves for 2 weeks, once a day, the following changes will occur:

Audiowave Prüfungsangst
  • The symptoms of paralysis turn into free occurrence
  • Security and better retrieval of learned knowledge
  • Turning bad experiences into positives, not just into exams
  • Higher performance, even in everyday situations
  • good sleep behaviour
  • Physical well-being
  • Permanent reduction of anxiety feelings, new feeling of vitality
Ebook Audiowaves

SAMPLE HEARING with headphones of the

3 AUDIOWAVES – best success in combination

That's what customers say:

Audiowave Prüfungsangst
  • simply listen with your headphones
  • hear at a comfortable volume
  • pleasant music
  • preferably lying down listening
  • over 90 minutes playing time
Freude durch Audiowaves

You get to the offer

Now instead

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You receive with yourDownload:

Audiowave Prüfungsangst
Audiowave Prüfungsangst
Audiowave Prüfungsangst
  • The Audiowave for exam fears and speaking in front of large groups
  • An alternative audio wave for exam fears and speaking in front of large groups
  • An audio wave for focused and concentrated learning that should be heard in combination with one of the audio waves.
  • An ebook with interesting and important information