Audiowave Tiefenenspannung

Pure deep relaxation

Restlessness? Nervousness? Stress? Not being able to sleep?

The music with the latest BrainWave technology

Here you will find:

Audiowaves für guten Schlaf
  • Deep restful sleep
  • Calm feeling in the body
  • less common
  • Switching off in the head
  • Pure relaxation
  • better concentration and performance
  • Reduction of pain sensation
Freude durch Audiowaves

All you have to do is listen to the music ...

And your brain goes into a state of complete relaxation and that with full consciousness. A state of calmness and equilibrium is already noticeable to you while listening to this music and makes your life more relaxed and calm in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This audio wave slowly brings your brain activity down to 5.5 Hz. Some people feel so relaxed that they fall asleep. Dream-like images also appear because these frequencies are similar to those of REM sleep. Therefore, this audio wave is also suitable for people who suffer from hyperactivity.

If you are in this state for some time, it will have the effect:

Audiowave Tiefenenspannung
  • Deep relaxation, stress symptoms are alleviated
  • Activation of self-healing powers
  • Reduction of pain sensation
  • Feelings of happiness due to more harmonious release of endorphins
  • Better imagination, creative thinking
  • Better concentration and performance
  • Permanent reduction of anxiety feelings, new feeling of vitality
Audiowaves für deine Freizeit

Why listen to special music that has nothing to do with pop and other modern music?

In many practices, music is played in the background that combines silence and simple background noises that accompany traditional meditation.

And most people find it difficult to listen to music and concentrate on their body at the same time.

The rhythmic nature of music synchronizes the body to a natural tempo, such as heart rate or breathing.

Therefore, natural sounds such as rain, sea noise or waterfalls are also suitable for relaxation techniques.

SAMPLE HEARING with headphones of the

2 AUDIOWAVES with a playing time of 50 minutes each!!!

That's what customers say:

Audiowave Tiefenenspannung
  • simply listen with your headphones
  • hear at a comfortable volume
  • nature noises
  • preferably lying down listening
  • 50 minutes playing time
Freude durch Audiowaves

You get to the offer

Now instead

only !!!

You receive with your download:

Audiowave Tiefenenspannung
  • A deep relaxation audio wave with natural sounds
  • A deep relaxation audio wave with 10 minutes of breathing exercise, sea noise and music.
  • An ebook with interesting and important information
Ebook Audiowaves