Mentales Training und Brainwaves

Mentales Training im Sport für mentale Stärke. Ein guter Sportler gewinnt seine Disziplin zuerst im Kopf bevor er in den Wettkampf geht. Die positiven Auswirkungen von mentalem Training auf den Sportler sind vielfältig. Zum einen ist der Sportler darauf angewiesen, sein volles sportliches Potenzial abrufen zu können. Vor[…]

Brainewave Musik

Brainwave music acts on the millions of specialized cells in the brain, our neurons. These nerve cells communicate with each other with electrical signals. Measured on the scalp with the help of an electroencephalogram (the EEG), this gives an image of the brain current frequency pattern. First, Richard[…]


Drivelessness – Who doesn’t know that? We are all familiar with a lack of drive and energy. The feeling of not being able to get anything. No matter whether it is professional or private activities. Lack of energy and an enormous need for sleep take the upper hand.[…]


What is neuroplasticity? During my studies, I used to say, “Brain cells don’t grow back…” Thus it would also be impossible to change behaviour patterns or to recognise the brain’s self-healing power. But as so often, the knowledge of today is the error of tomorrow. So also in[…]

Gehirnwellen beeinflussen

… and you can change it. Affect brain waves? What good will that do me? It may sound strange, but if I know more about my most important organ in the body, it can be useful. I am also intensively occupied with my diet. My brain waves If[…]


Almost everyone has stress symptoms today and we now consider this to be a completely normal condition. But it is not. As a simple example, where we can clearly see that permanent stress is anything but a normal state, we see the activity of our brain. Our entire[…]

Magenschmerzen und Stress

Stomach pain and stress often go hand in hand. It is not only the long-term effect of stress, but also acute stress can have an immediate effect on the stomach. From nausea to “no longer coming from the toilet”. Psychic Pressure can have a massive impact on the[…]