Audiowave ADHS & Hyperaktivität

ADHD & Hyperactivity

Impulsive? Unconcentrated? Diverted? No matter if children or adults -

The music with the latest BrainWave technology

For you or your child:

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  • Increased concentration
  • settle down
  • equilibrium
  • Switching off in the head
  • self-control
  • better performance
  • increased retentivity

They brew just listen to the music ...

The program consists of two audio waves that are combined.

The first audio wave activates the brain and the left hemisphere is accelerated. The left brain is needed more for attention, concentration and reduction of emotional reactions and hyperactivity.

Attention deficit syndromes and similar disorders are often accompanied by slow-wave EEG patterns, especially in the left forehead. As such, this audio recording promotes the left brain with beta frequencies and the right brain with SMR.

This AudioWave can be heard before or during “homework”. Please do not listen more than once a day, as the effect is too intense and no guarantee can be given for possible side effects.

The second audio wave is a low alpha wave.

It brings you into an alpha state in the low frequency range (8.5Hz). This is deeper than the so-called daydream. This is especially helpful for hyperactive people.

Audiowave ADHS & Hyperaktivität
  • inner balance
  • Prevention of physical symptoms
  • Targeted training of focus and attention
  • be able to dedicate yourself entirely to a task
  • better reading literacy
Audiowaves für deine Freizeit

In the USA, ADHD and hyperactivity are already treated much more frequently with alternative therapy methods. One important of these is working with brainwaves. Brainwaves. Audiowaves has adopted this principle, which has been tried and tested for years.

It does not matter whether it is for you or for your child. The imbalance in the brain is the same. The Audiowaves help you to balance and restore this imbalance.

The first session can be heard directly during homework. And many children love listening to music.

The second session is for relaxation. The best way to listen to them in the evening before going to bed.

SAMPLE HEARING with headphones of the

2 AUDIOWAVES with a playing time of 25 and 35 minutes!!!

That's what customers say:

Audiowave ADHS & Hyperaktivität
  • simply listen with your headphones
  • hear at a comfortable volume
  • Nature sounds and music
  • hear while learning or lying down
  • 25 + 35 minutes playing time
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You receive with your download:

Audiowave ADHS & Hyperaktivität
  • An audio wave for better performance and concentration
  • An audio wave to balance my hyperactivity
  • An ebook with interesting and important information
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