Drivelessness – Who doesn’t know that?

We are all familiar with a lack of drive and energy. The feeling of not being able to get anything. No matter whether it is professional or private activities. Lack of energy and an enormous need for sleep take the upper hand.

It is not a pleasant state. Affected people often react with a bad conscience towards themselves, because in their opinion they create too little.


As long as the causes are not serious psychological problems or physical illness, there are some simple solutions.

The problem often begins with stress and lack of exercise. The work in the occupation grows over one’s head, which leads to a massive overtaxing. The nerves are shattered. Physical needs are ignored.

Escape to sleep is one of the most common symptoms. The body and the psyche simply want to switch off.

What can I do against listlessness?

Relaxation exercises or autogenic training are often recommended. For most people, however, this means: I have a new appointment. I have to pack more into my day and don’t have the time, let alone the desire.

Now what?

How about there’s a way that helps,

  • without having to leave the house.
  • no extra time has to be invested
  • simply runs by the side, without effort
  • I can even lie in bed…

Too good to be true?

Then you should test Brainwaves. Just put on the headphones and let the music bring your brain into a relaxed state.

In case of listlessness, the stress programs have proved their worth or, later on, the Motivation & Power program.

But you should start with programs like

Stress reduction and

deep relaxation

The body gets its recovery faster and they get a clear head again. Which does not mean that they should not change their usual everyday life. But regeneration now comes first.

Enjoy life again, recharge your batteries and recharge your batteries!

Here are two links to the two programs, which can steer life back into more normal directions:

Stress reduction

deep relaxation

You can “listen in” here.

You can find interesting facts about the Brainwave technology here in the blog.