Brainwave music synchronizes brain waves

Brainewave Musik

Brainwave music acts on the millions of specialized cells in the brain, our neurons. These nerve cells communicate with each other with electrical signals. Measured on the scalp with the help of an electroencephalogram (the EEG), this gives an image of the brain current frequency pattern.

First, Richard Caton had measured it. His studies on animals were published in the British Medical Journal in 1875. The cradle of brain wave measurement. Since that time, the intentional synchronisation of brain waves has been sought. The aim is to improve the mental and physical health of people.

Brainwave Music Influences Your EEG

There is an interesting difference of EEG measurements from animals to humans. All animals on the planet have a significantly different EEG than humans. They get our EEG pattern when they go into fear of survival!

That says a lot. In a nutshell this means:

Our brain works permanently on survival mode. And that is anything but healthy. In the emergency mode no full development of my life, my potential or my thinking is possible. We are evolutionarily stuck. And we also think that this is normal.

Each brain frequency is associated with a certain state of consciousness. All wave frequencies are permanently active and necessary. Depending on the predominant frequency band our state of consciousness is. Either wide awake, sleepy, creative, anxious, stressed, focused or in an attention disorder.

Most people are currently most intensively concerned with alpha waves. Alpha waves lead to relaxation with a simultaneous awake and open insight. They are particularly important for the contact between unconscious and conscious mental states. They connect us, so to speak, with ourselves and allow inner peace to emerge.

Exactly what is missing most in our society today. Peace and the insight coming from within without outside influence.

Since most of today’s civilization diseases are stress induced, it is clear why Brainwave music shows so many successes.

No matter if migraine headaches, insomnia, stress, ADHD or lack of energy. Through a balanced EEG pattern, the body reacts accordingly.
All music stored with Brainwave provokes a certain brain wave pattern in the brain, which then causes the desired state.

Some call this doping for the brain. We permanently dope our brain without noticing it. For example with television. The television broadcasts a frequency band which makes the brain think that it is relaxing. However, the contents that accompany this relaxation are anything but harmonious.

How many murders per hour happen on TV? Is there an evening when they don’t consume violence or war on TV? And through the pretended relaxation in their brain (alpha wave) this information reaches deep into the brain, into the unconscious.

Have you ever made yourself aware of how this affects your thinking, feeling and acting? For me this is doping of the very worst kind. I program myself voluntarily with violence and stress. Why?

So it makes more sense to go into one’s dreams in the evening before going to bed, preferably with music backed by Brainwave technology. I go into the feeling of my imagined life and this immediately has an emotional effect on my physical condition. Healthier! In any case.

Give it a try. Here you will find demo music, e.g. to reduce stress: