Stomach pain and stress

Magenschmerzen und Stress

Stomach pain and stress often go hand in hand.

It is not only the long-term effect of stress, but also acute stress can have an immediate effect on the stomach.

From nausea to “no longer coming from the toilet”.

Psychic Pressure

can have a massive impact on the gastrointestinal tract.

Symptoms such as

  • stomach pressures
  • nausea up to
  • diarrhea and
  • vomiting

As if the brain and digestive tract had a red phone.

But why all this?

Our body still reacts as it did in the Stone Age. Stress means to be ready to fight or to flee as fast as possible. Both are not possible with a digestive tract that works at full speed or is even full. In such situations it is called: Getting rid of everything as quickly as possible….

Either paralyze the digestive passage completely or bring everything to the outside by means of diarrhoea. Because survival is more important now. It doesn’t matter that the stress is only caused by colleagues at work, myself or something similar. My brain doesn’t know the difference.

In addition, digestive processes simply require too much energy – but this is now needed for the avoidable combat or flight reaction. So the supply of muscles and a lot of oxygen has to be provided in the blood.

The problem here:

We also become unproductive in such situations.

It becomes almost impossible to really solve problems. My thinking is also reduced, because who has ever been able to discuss a potential danger? And my immune system is also switched to reserve. It also needs too much energy.

We can imagine what a permanent state of stress causes in the body within a few months to years.

But what can I do in the long run without becoming addicted to medication?

If we manage to get out of the stress situation, the problems will be solved. We have to change the way the body reacts. Because what triggers stress in us today is no longer necessarily an aggressive animal that wants to eat us.

This presupposes a different conditioning of ourselves.

How do I do that?

There is one possibility that is not yet really known here in Germany. The way via Brainwaves. These are frequency modulations that are underlaid with music. When listening to music, my brain is put into a balanced and calm state. It is like training not to perceive a stress level as such. Digestion remains normal, I can think better and my immune system works as it should.

Stress is currently the plague of our civilization. And it is urgent time to do something here

You can read more about how brainwaves work, how they work on these pages or download the ebook as a download. You can also listen to music samples here. Best with headphones.

There is a simple way to get your stomach and other digestive organs to rest. You just have to have the courage to go new ways.

I wish you much success.