Brainwaves affect your life

Gehirnwellen beeinflussen

… and you can change it.

Affect brain waves? What good will that do me? It may sound strange, but if I know more about my most important organ in the body, it can be useful. I am also intensively occupied with my diet.

My brain waves

If I look at an EEG, it looks more like a brain wave salad to the layman. Billions of nerve cells communicate with each other with electrical impulses. Far better than any computer can do.

The overall picture is called the brain wave pattern.

Since researchers have deciphered this wave pattern, we have been able to assign the individual frequency ranges to specific effects they cause in the brain.

Here is a small overview of what the individual waves stand for:

Beta waves: You are awake and attentive. It is your normal condition during the day. Here your intelligence works at full speed, you are alert and awake. Mental training in this state is not really meaningful. For this we need another frequency band.

Alpha waves: You are still awake, but in a deep relaxed state. When you wake up in the morning or in the evening just before falling asleep. This is the brain wave that should prevail in your head if you want to practice mental training successfully. Daydreams can also drift into this area, but are usually not enough in intensity.

Theta waves: Here you are already asleep or in deep relaxation. If you manage to stay awake in this frequency range, the most effective mental training is possible.

Delta waves: The dreamless sleep with a complete elimination of your consciousness, or better said your personality. Here something else takes over… In this state healing of chronic illnesses is possible. Therefore the use is highly recommended for chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia.

In the brain all brain waves are always present at the same time. The dominance of a brain frequency plays a role. It determines the state of consciousness in which we currently find ourselves.

Stress and brain waves

When we are under permanent stress, it can happen that the balance within the brain wave spectrum is disturbed more frequently or even often. There are too many beta waves. The brain waves needed for regeneration do not get enough time. The result is clearly problems at the physical level. Psychologically there can also be disturbances.

If this state is maintained for years, our brain gets used to this “state of emergency”. It then becomes difficult for the persons concerned simply to relax.

We need an emergency switch.

And this emergency switch can be brainwaves. Music that reminds the brain of what a relaxed state looks like with its stored brain wave patterns. Or a state without stress.

We force, so to speak, the brain wave activity back into another mode.

Is that dangerous?

Not usually. If, of course, I force another mode on my brain now Nonstopp, it certainly doesn’t make sense and can become unhealthy.

Brainwaves are intended to influence the brain for a short time so that it can more easily return to the desired state on its own.

Breathing can support the process:

We can also relatively easily change our brainwave activity without any aids. It is used more frequently, especially in survival situations, to prevent fear from gaining the upper hand. This requires deep inhalation and exhalation. Inhale deeply, hold your breath for 4 seconds and exhale deeply again. Repeat this over several breathing cycles and the activity of alpha, theta and delta waves are increased.

Use for anxiety or exam stress:

If I now combine a music that contains the corresponding brainwaves against fear and stress with the breathing exercise, I am quite quickly in the desired state of relaxation.

Try it yourself:

Under this link you will find a Brainwave against exam anxiety or stage fright in general.

Deceleration is the key to getting out of the stress you’re used to!!!