What is neuroplasticity? During my studies, I used to say, “Brain cells don’t grow back…” Thus it would also be impossible to change behaviour patterns or to recognise the brain’s self-healing power. But as so often, the knowledge of today is the error of tomorrow. So also in[…]

Gehirnwellen beeinflussen

… and you can change it. Affect brain waves? What good will that do me? It may sound strange, but if I know more about my most important organ in the body, it can be useful. I am also intensively occupied with my diet. My brain waves If[…]


Almost everyone has stress symptoms today and we now consider this to be a completely normal condition. But it is not. As a simple example, where we can clearly see that permanent stress is anything but a normal state, we see the activity of our brain. Our entire[…]

Magenschmerzen und Stress

Stomach pain and stress often go hand in hand. It is not only the long-term effect of stress, but also acute stress can have an immediate effect on the stomach. From nausea to “no longer coming from the toilet”. Psychic Pressure can have a massive impact on the[…]